Christine Innes

We are so excited to reveal the new website for Christine Innes: Transition & Lifestyle Coach, TV Host & Speaker. Christine came to us wanting a complete rebrand along with a full revamp of her current Squarespace website.

Christine’s main goal with her new website was to create a bold feminine feel, more in line with her brand as well as create an inspiring home base for her clients to engage with her and her content.

Christine Innes Website Reveal Mockup.png

Branding & Moodboard

We gave Christine’s current branding a complete revamp to go along with her new website. The new logo’s and submarks we designed using a font which matches perfectly with our theme of bold & feminine, with black text which was balanced out with the pastel pink heart illustration.

The imagery we used to create the feel of the brand focused on using an array of pastel colours which offer a fun and inviting vibe, playing off of Christine’s own personality.

Christine Innes_Brand Mood Board.png

Website Design

When coming up with the concept and layout of this website, again I wanted it to have a bold, feminine yet calming vibe about it. Incorporating different textures and movement throughout the site it gave a sense of wonder which is a core element in a lot of Christine’s work around finding your inner goddess.

Christine Innes Life Coaching Website Reveal Designed by Bridie Designs

Interview with Christine

How did you discover your passion for what you do? & How did you get to where you are today in your business? 

Discovering my passion for what I do today comes from my own personal story.  I have always loved helping people especially watching people grow and become more confident within themselves.  

After spending over 15 years in the corporate world, it was time for me to step into my own business.  Personal circumstances definitely shaped this transition.  My business has started organically by sharing my personal journey.  

What's the hardest lesson you've learned since starting your business?

Understanding the business concepts, such as branding, exposure, marketing and knowing my figures.  The other part is knowing who to align yourself with to work with.  Making sure these people are on the same path as yourself and also align with your personal values and goals.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

Spend the time working out the outcome you want to achieve.  What is the end goal.  Be it a financial outcome or to help others.  

At what point in your business did you realise that it was time to up-level and launch or redesign your website?

It was about 8 months after I started dipping my toe into the water. I made the decision that I wanted this and that I was the brand and that my website and my branding did not match who I was and the services I wanted to deliver.

Why did you ultimately decide to work with us for your website restyle or custom design?

Your ability to get to know the essence of who I was and how that can be applied to my website and branding.  Also because you’re amazing.

How did you find the of designing your new website with us, and how do you feel your new website will impact your business?

It was an easy and seamless process.  Having someone that listened to your concept and also giving you ideas and suggestions. The impact has already started to show.  I am getting noticed and the ease that people are finding to sue my website to gain the information.  The simple integrations such as having a blog and also linking my social media is an added bonus.  Being able to use my website as well.  I have had other websites done in the past for previous business and the process to make changes has been complex and costly. I can easily make the changes myself which is helpful especially when adding in different services and special events.

I could not recommend Teri and the team from Bridie Designs enough. Teri was able to unpack all of my wants, needs and ideas into a website better than I could of imagined. The process was seamless and I was kept in the loop at every stage.

For anyone, a website it more than just another webpage, it is your neon sign for your clients.  

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